International Week of Italian Cuisine

Sorrento Trattoria is participating in International Italian Week.

This coming week from the 20th till the 26th we will be celebrating and our finale is on Sunday the 26th of November with the Long Table…

Join us @1pm till 4pm and your taste buds will be celebrating.

Booking essential please call us on 59845655.

55 per person including Italian imported wine…

See you at the table…


Sorrento Travel and Carmela’s Cucina have come together to create a 10-nt, unique culinary and cultural lifestyle experience to the Island of Sicily.

Package includes:

*All accommodation (10-nights)

*All food

*Fishing experience

*Cooking classes (including ancient homemade pasta, bread & cannoli)

*Personal tour guide, with private bus tours to:

-Art Tours

-Culinary Tours

-Market Tour



(All tips & taxes also included – prices subject to the Euro & $).

Carmela D’Amore is a professional chef with over 40 years experience; specialising in the Sicilian cooking technique of Cucina Povera. Passed down through generations of wonderful cooks in her family, Carmela has mastered the ancient techniques and added her own modern and dietary-sensitive flair.

Australian-born to Sicilian immigrants, she moved to the Mornington Peninsula in 1974 where she loves the richness of the produce, the serenity of the beach and the flow of the tourist trade. Carmela is also the owner/executive chef of Sorrento Trattoria.

Mother of four and beloved wife of Marco, she raised her family on two fundamental foundations: `good soulful food’ and `love’. It is these foundations that have paved the way for the creation of Carmela’s Cucina Classes, her own Sicilian Cooking School.

Contact Carmela on 0412 086 111 or email to for more information.

Sicily in Sorrento for the Wine Weekend in June 2017

Well do we have a treat for you!  We have catered this event to make the weekend a blast!  We want you to have fun and enjoy all of what our chef’s and the Sorrento Trattoria team can give you.  Bring friends along or family is a must for this event as it will create the conversation and communication that dinning and feasting requires.  Carmela and Joe, have catered a 5 course meal, to share and enjoy the delicious Sicilian cuisine.  It is a culinary journey each plate tells you a story about the different cultural influences that Sicily has, you will me mesmerised by the flavours and smells, you have not tasted anything like this before, only if you have been to Sicily.

We want you to have fun, and enjoy live music by Andy Maggio, he is and Italian singer songwriter, with amazing talent, that Carmela had at her book launch, and enjoyed so much that we wanted him to share this event with us as well, he has a zest for life, like all Italians do, and we want to inject you with his passion for Italian music.

This event is on the 3rd of June at 6pm.

There are only limited seating to this event and we don’t want you to miss out.  You can call us on 59845644 or email

Food, wine, music and laughter, is the cure for the  winter blues in Sorrento, so come on down and grab a friends and family, and stay warm in our lovely restaurant, and enjoy the delights that we have to offer you.





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Sorrento’s Sicilian Cooking School on the Mornington Peninsula

Have you ever wondered what to do in Sorrento during the week? Well look no further, our Chef Carmela has opened up her new Sicilian cooking school and from February you can book from her website and choose which class you want to experience.  Every class is designed to inspire you to create and enjoy cooking.  Chef Carmela realised from her experiences that many clients had lost the zest and joy for cooking. Her classes her been designed and tailored for the individual to enjoy and be inspired.  She wanted to be able to add the Italian flavour in Sorrento with her  knowledge in Sicilian cooking from generations, and wanted to offer a fun experience for locals, and travellers other than shopping and bringing back bags of clothes.  Instead to bring home an experience in Sicilian cooking. You will take home, The love of life, the joy that food brings and memories that it creates.  Food is the door to life, being Sicilian are strong foundations, her family came with fishing and cooking trades and helped build a strong Australia.  Hospitality is the first of many her values, being hospitable is  imbedded  when you come from a Sicilian family, you will feel nothing but part of her family.  The classes are fun and full of laughter which is the best medicine in life, you will want to come back and do another class.  Each class you take with you produce and much more, Chef Carmela has designed the year out for you to enjoy, each month has a special theme and the year 2016 she has called it `Change the way you cook, ‘Unleash the cook within’ there is a Sicilian in every one of us, and being inspired makes you want to create and be the best of version of yourself.  Come and enjoy every Tuesday and Wednesday in Carmela’s Cucina, take the spirit of family and heritage home with you.  The table is a place where the family grows and enjoys each other.  You can book online @ Carmela teaches on `Cucina Povera’ literally translated it means poor kitchen, but to say the least it is not, it is jam packed with nutrition and locally seasonal produce.  Carmela also wanted to help many of the local produce stores and markets, and has kept the true spirit of helping each other.  `It is important that we help one another we all need each other,’ she says.  Every client has the opportunity to continue to come back to her cooking school with a 20% of each booking made, it is the door to an experience you will not want to forget!  Look forward to seeing you in Carmela’s cucina.


Introducing the Authentic Gelato to our menu

We would like to introduce a new product on our menu the amazing authentic mouth-watering Vulcano gelato.  It has no artificial ingredients or additives, totally natural, and the sorbet is gluten free.  the taste is amazing you feel like you are in Sicily, just by enjoying a simple gelato. When you taste it you will understand what I mean, Vince and Maria from Vulcano in Rye, have given the name of gelato another dimension.  Each flavor is made just for indulgence for the customer to enjoy the mouth watering flavours that burst in your tastebuds.  You have to try it as it is pure magic, every time I try a new flavour it takes me back to Sicily, and the memories flood through my mind and I am in heaven.


Carmela’s Book Launch


Carmela’s Book Launch

I have been asked this question many times, while I was writing my book and even after `why.’  It is a question that I even asked myself many times, while I commenced writing it and even during the early mornings waking up at 5 am, and writing.  It was a force that I cannot even explain to you, I just knew I had to write.  It had started when my beloved mother passed away, she was an amazing person, full of love and so much to give, I had the privilege to be with her and my brother when she passed.  It was like when she passed away, all that she had and all that she had done in her life was gone, like the wind.  I felt an immense sadness that a woman who had left her country and family to come to a new country, and not know any one, and make a life for herself, together with my beloved father for their children, and for the generations to come.

What a selfless act, especially for today, would we sacrifice, our own lives for the future generations?  I admired her so much, as I was not in her position or neither that of my father, and grandparents.  So I cannot even fathom the depth of the sacrifice of life.  My grandfather and grandmother (nonno and nonna) came in their late ’50’s.  I am in totally admiration of my families, sacrifices for this generation and for future generations. They came with many other family members, and my father came with his entire family of 5 brothers, including my grandparents.

Going back to my beloved mother, I knew that she and my ancestors had given me the privilege to be the person I am today, from all of my experiences in this life, my journey in this life, too, has been one of learning many lessons, especially of character.  I truly wanted to embalm this generation of immigrants that gave their all to their families, who loved unconditionally and who made personal sacrifices so that they could get ahead in life.

Her recipes and that of her mother, I used to watch her when she cooked as a child, she left her parents at the age of 21, and did not see them for a very long time.  While I watched her cook, I often wondered if she listened to her mother while she cooked, she had that far away look.  The absence of the loving heart of her mother.  This generation, never saw their parents grow old, as they where always young to them, because of the memory from when they left them.

I wanted to preserve the recipes, that I remembered, before I could not remember them myself, so I took them from the chronicles of my soul, so that my own children would not forget, and to share them with you, and teach them to many as they come to my cooking school.  Generations of lessons we have learnt along the way, the experience are the jewels that we leave behind, to inspire you and help you create dishes from generations of cooks.

To share the journey of this generation of immigrants and the generation of first born Australian children, born from this era.  My story is not my own, as many have gone through the same road, but what I really wanted was to celebrate for the next generation of children and leave a trail of courage and strength for them as they journey into the future.

Thank you to this country Australia, for giving my family an opportunity to leave our own trademark of family and heritage.

Carmela D’Amore