Sorrento Travel and Carmela’s Cucina have come together to create a 10-nt, unique culinary and cultural lifestyle experience to the Island of Sicily.

Package includes:

*All accommodation (10-nights)

*All food

*Fishing experience

*Cooking classes (including ancient homemade pasta, bread & cannoli)

*Personal tour guide, with private bus tours to:

-Art Tours

-Culinary Tours

-Market Tour



(All tips & taxes also included – prices subject to the Euro & $).

Carmela D’Amore is a professional chef with over 40 years experience; specialising in the Sicilian cooking technique of Cucina Povera. Passed down through generations of wonderful cooks in her family, Carmela has mastered the ancient techniques and added her own modern and dietary-sensitive flair.

Australian-born to Sicilian immigrants, she moved to the Mornington Peninsula in 1974 where she loves the richness of the produce, the serenity of the beach and the flow of the tourist trade. Carmela is also the owner/executive chef of Sorrento Trattoria.

Mother of four and beloved wife of Marco, she raised her family on two fundamental foundations: `good soulful food’ and `love’. It is these foundations that have paved the way for the creation of Carmela’s Cucina Classes, her own Sicilian Cooking School.

Contact Carmela on 0412 086 111 or email to for more information.