Sicily in Sorrento for the Wine Weekend in June 2017

Well do we have a treat for you!  We have catered this event to make the weekend a blast!  We want you to have fun and enjoy all of what our chef’s and the Sorrento Trattoria team can give you.  Bring friends along or family is a must for this event as it will create the conversation and communication that dinning and feasting requires.  Carmela and Joe, have catered a 5 course meal, to share and enjoy the delicious Sicilian cuisine.  It is a culinary journey each plate tells you a story about the different cultural influences that Sicily has, you will me mesmerised by the flavours and smells, you have not tasted anything like this before, only if you have been to Sicily.

We want you to have fun, and enjoy live music by Andy Maggio, he is and Italian singer songwriter, with amazing talent, that Carmela had at her book launch, and enjoyed so much that we wanted him to share this event with us as well, he has a zest for life, like all Italians do, and we want to inject you with his passion for Italian music.

This event is on the 3rd of June at 6pm.

There are only limited seating to this event and we don’t want you to miss out.  You can call us on 59845644 or email

Food, wine, music and laughter, is the cure for the  winter blues in Sorrento, so come on down and grab a friends and family, and stay warm in our lovely restaurant, and enjoy the delights that we have to offer you.





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