Sorrento’s Sicilian Cooking School on the Mornington Peninsula

Have you ever wondered what to do in Sorrento during the week? Well look no further, our Chef Carmela has opened up her new Sicilian cooking school and from February you can book from her website and choose which class you want to experience.  Every class is designed to inspire you to create and enjoy cooking.  Chef Carmela realised from her experiences that many clients had lost the zest and joy for cooking. Her classes her been designed and tailored for the individual to enjoy and be inspired.  She wanted to be able to add the Italian flavour in Sorrento with her  knowledge in Sicilian cooking from generations, and wanted to offer a fun experience for locals, and travellers other than shopping and bringing back bags of clothes.  Instead to bring home an experience in Sicilian cooking. You will take home, The love of life, the joy that food brings and memories that it creates.  Food is the door to life, being Sicilian are strong foundations, her family came with fishing and cooking trades and helped build a strong Australia.  Hospitality is the first of many her values, being hospitable is  imbedded  when you come from a Sicilian family, you will feel nothing but part of her family.  The classes are fun and full of laughter which is the best medicine in life, you will want to come back and do another class.  Each class you take with you produce and much more, Chef Carmela has designed the year out for you to enjoy, each month has a special theme and the year 2016 she has called it `Change the way you cook, ‘Unleash the cook within’ there is a Sicilian in every one of us, and being inspired makes you want to create and be the best of version of yourself.  Come and enjoy every Tuesday and Wednesday in Carmela’s Cucina, take the spirit of family and heritage home with you.  The table is a place where the family grows and enjoys each other.  You can book online @ Carmela teaches on `Cucina Povera’ literally translated it means poor kitchen, but to say the least it is not, it is jam packed with nutrition and locally seasonal produce.  Carmela also wanted to help many of the local produce stores and markets, and has kept the true spirit of helping each other.  `It is important that we help one another we all need each other,’ she says.  Every client has the opportunity to continue to come back to her cooking school with a 20% of each booking made, it is the door to an experience you will not want to forget!  Look forward to seeing you in Carmela’s cucina.