What to eat and do in Sorrento?

So many times I have heard that saying. `What to eat and do in Sorrento.’ you just don’t know where to go, and who has a great reputation?  you have been let down so many times, myself included, I go into a new town, and think great, where do I eat? sometimes I even want to ask them, if I could have a look at the meal before I buy, but, that is impossible ha!   It comes from having a great reputation and today we live in a world of social media,  and if you have been discredited by an unhappy customer then watch out business! because you are in for a downfall, people will judge you accordingly to what they see.

When you come through our doors I guarantee that you will be 100% happy, I stand on it! I have trained my staff, and we only want the best for you. Our menu, has been created so you the customer is content, satisfied, and walk away happy, there are so many dishes to choose from.  Our reputation is important.

Sorrento is an amazing place to visit, it has history, culture, an aura about her, she truly is magnificent, you can bring your family, friends, loved ones, lovers, and be immersed in her beauty.  There is so much to do and see, you can walk, swim, jog, bask in the sun (when we have it) enjoy the scenery, the cafes, the restaurants, the bay, and the temptuous Sorrento back beach.  You can just be, without spending any money, just bring a cut lunch with you, and sit in our beautiful park, and enjoy the rescue helicopter when it comes in.

I have even started my own Sicilian cooking School every Tuesday and Wednesday from 10.30 till 3pm.  You get my cookbook `Carmela’s Cucina Povera’ and a hand embroidered apron with every class.  I am very excited to announce their will be a book launch as well with my new cook book.  My cooking school is called Carmela’s Cucina Class, come and check my website @ carmelascucinaclass.com.au

Sorrento has a lot to offer, you can come even with the ferry across from Queenscliff, and enjoy the day, from Geelong, drive from the beautiful city of Melbourne.  Have a ladies day out, meet up with people.  You will not be disappointed, as she has a reputation too.

Its only an hour and a half from Melbourne cbd.  You will not be disappointed coming to Sorrento, and when you do, we would love to see you here.