Weekly Specials

Seasonal Special

Summer is here – the heart of our town Sorrento is indeed a pleasure to visit it is a place for all the community and the visitors from all over the world to enjoy.

Our taste buds are changing with the weather, we want to eat healthy and food that is comforting, and light, our new menu is changing and prioritizing for you the customer.

The Team at Sorrento Trattoria are so thrilled to introduce new weekly specials, and a new summer menu, you have so much to choose from, authentic dishes, and many cherished dishes to stay, the feed back has been enormous!

Mains of the week:

Spaghetti made from imported semolina flour just a tad better to digest with a low GI in it, our sauce is with pesto, cherry tomatoes, garlic, chilli with local tiger prawns a winner!

Grilled Baby snapper fillets with a sweet potato puree, steamed asparagus, and cashews..

Desserts of the week – Carmela’s homemade Tiramisu, with fresh mascapone and Marsala, is so light in texture you’ll be asking for more!

Have you tried our Sicilian donuts?  Sfingi with fresh cream…. Yum!

Have you tried our famous Tiramisu?

Introducing a traditional way of summer desserts, our favourite Everest gelato, we have oldies, such as Tartufo, Cassata, Mint Chocolate and many more!

Join us at the table!

Buon Pranzo! Buona Cena! Buon Cibo! Buon Appetitto!  Carmela